Oak Ridge Building Solutions safeguards the Greater Toronto Area through fire detection, suppression, and sprinkler systems. Our expert project managers and certified technicians adeptly design, install, test, inspect, and maintain intricate fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

Beyond service, we are also an authorized Autocall and Mircom distributor and installer, specializing in their full lines of fire protection equipment and control systems. With a full line of cutting-edge products, we work with industry-leading brands to deliver the best fire detection and protection and ensure every building and business is protected and up to the latest safety standards.

the-art resources

Our commitment to advanced design and engineering, backed by state-of-the-art resources, ensures timely, budget-controlled projects.

Our growing design team stays updated on the latest equipment and technologies, guaranteeing high-quality system installations that provide round-the-clock property and occupant protection.

We meticulously assess and test all fire suppression systems to optimize performance, offering web-based management and exceeding industry standards. Your safety today and tomorrow is our promise.

Specializing in fire and life safety preventative maintenance, our dedicated approach includes a comprehensive range of services. From regular inspections to emergency lighting, we prioritize the reliability and functionality of crucial safety components.

Collaborating closely with clients, we tailor our solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring compliance with the latest safety standards. Our commitment to proactive maintenance and continual improvement guarantees that fire and life safety systems operate seamlessly, providing a trusted foundation for protecting people and property.


We provide cutting-edge design with state-of-the-art engineering resources and programs to support on time delivery and controlled budgets. Our design team continues to grow with enhanced technical expertise and the industry’s equipment and technologies. This ensures that all of our installed systems are completed with the highest level of integrity and provide 24/7 protection for properties and the people inside them.

We carefully test and inspect all types of fire suppression systems and installations to ensure they are functioning properly and performing their best. From system monitoring and inspection, to web-based reporting and management, our promise is to always exceed industry standards and protect you for tomorrow with the life & safety solutions you need today.

  • Fire alarm installation and service
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Safety plans and protocols
  • Wet and dry fire sprinkler systems
  • CCTV and video surveillance
  • Portable fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance
  • Card access and control
  • Remote video services
  • Intercom and public address systems integration
  • Preventative maintenance
  • IT and network solutions
  • Data centre protection systems


Oak Ridge Building Solutions is your authorized Autocall distributor and installer, specializing in Autocall’s top of the line fire protection equipment and control systems. With a full line of advanced and innovative products, specifically engineered to deliver the industry’s best fire detection and protection, Autocall ensures every building and business is protected and up to the latest safety standards.


We are proud to offer a wide range of multi-trade solutions from electrical services to life safety and building solutions.





We are unwavered and committed to the highest standards of health and safety. It’s at the core of every aspect of our business. From the certified technicians in the field, to our office staff and project management teams, we strive to create a safe and protected work environment with a principle that every incident is preventable.